Theatre and Dance


La Carpa, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Dance & Theatre Workshop | La Carpa | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


After attending a study abroad dance program in San Miguel de Allende, a colleague and I were invited back by the director of the studio to teach the next year. I taught a one week Modern Dance Workshop and one week Dance / Theatre Workshop to students ranging in age from 6-30. This series of workshops culminated in a performance for family, friends, and the general public.


The Arc, San Diego

Dance Class | The ARC of San Diego


The ARC of San Diego is a private, non-for-profit corporation that seeks to better the lives of individuals with disabilities. During this class I am teaching an across the floor movement sequence that the students will later perform in groups of three. The objective of this course was to provide ARC consumers with an opportunity to take part in engaging physical activity and creative expression. The class was broken down into 4 sections: Stretching, Technique, Across-The-Floor, and Improvisation.