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Higher Education Evaluations and Feedaback

Page history last edited by Jakey Toor 11 years, 1 month ago


Culture, Art and Technology Program

at Sixth College, UC San Diego


TA Evaluation Charts - Winter Quarter 2007

Selected Student Feedback - Spring Quarter 2007


"Jakey is a wonderful TA that has lots of passion for her work. She organizes her time very well and is very attentive to the needs of other students." - CAT 2D Student


"I really enjoyed being in this section! Jakey Toor is one of the best TA's I've ever had. I really liked how the section met up at Pepper Canyon Hall, especially because it was a 8 AM section. I also liked the classroom set-up, how all the students shared a huge table-- it made the environment more welcoming. I love participating in section because of all those factors. Section with Jakey was the best part of CAT 2D." - CAT 2D Student


"I really enjoyed the section because it had a friendly atmosphere and I felt very comfortable to participate in section." - CAT 2D Student


"My TA Jakey was really good and helped her students focus on a clear thesis to write better papers.  We (as a class) went over the weekly assigned readings and that helped me understand the concepts discussed in lecture.  Jakey was fair in grading and even took time out of her schedule to help students improve their work.  Overall, my TA and section for CAT II was very good." - CAT 2D Student


"Jakey was probably the best TA I have had so far. I would recommend her to anyone." - CAT 2D Student


"I really liked my TA. She was quite enthusiastic and earnest, and she organized section well." - CAT 2D Student


"My TA was awesome! She made me feel comfortable sharing my ideas and inspired me to develop them further. She made the concepts of the class clear and helped us understand difficult topics in the readings and in lecture." - CAT 2D Student


TA Evaluation Charts - Spring Quarter 2007


Selected Student Feedback - Spring Quarter 2007


"She's a great T.A.......Breaks up the reading so we can get a good idea about all the readings through groups." - CAT 3B Student


"Section was fun, best CAT section I've had." - CAT 3B Student


"Section was a good time to reflect and discuss the course material and the readings.  Also, section time was focused on how to improve the quality of our work.  My TA did a good job of teaching us how to write/read better and helped us with our ideas and thesis." - CAT 3B Student


"Jakey is the best TA. She certainly improved my writing and I can't thank her enough." - CAT 3B Student


"I thought Jakeys sections were very helpful, fun and interactive! She's great!" - CAT 3B Student


"I love CAT section with Jakey! It's the only time this quarter that I actually felt attentive. She really helped us in understanding practically EVERYTHING that we were confused about.... Jakey really guided me throughout the whole course whether it pertained to the readings or my writing. She is probably my favorite TA. She really cares about her students and is really easy to approach for help. The coursework was hard, but she made it seem a bit easier." - CAT 3B Student


"I loved my TA! Jakey is my favorite TA in the CAT program this year because she was really helpful. She seemed to actually care about improving your writing skills, instead of only doing it just because she had to." - CAT 3B Student


"My TA was just amazing. She was always prepared for section. She did the readings and then kind of tested how we understood them. We worked in groups and that encouraged more communication and better understanding." - CAT 3B Student




Education Studies Program

UC San Diego


Selected Student Feedback - Spring Quarter 2008


"I just wanted to thank you both for a great quarter in section.  I thought you both did a great job leading us in worthwhile and insightful discussions.  Not to sound too cheesy, but listening to your stories from your experiences this year as student teachers was extremely inspirational and makes me eager to start next year.  I know it's going to be hard work but I feel  prepared (or at least as prepared as you can be) after hearing everything you two went through and learned.  I have had a lot of discussion sections for a ton of different classes over the years, but I never once dreaded going to section this year and really walked away feeling like I gained something each time.  Your feedback and positive encouragement meant the world.  I wish both of you the best in all of your future endeavors and would love to keep in touch!  Do great things and continue to inspire people like you inspired all of us this quarter :)" - EDS 128B Student



Dimensions of Culture Program

at Thurgood Marshall College UC San Diego


Selected Student Feedback - Spring Quarter 2009


"She brings so much help and encouragement to my DOC education and to my papers. She is a great TA and her enthusiasm keeps my spirits up." - DOC 3 Student


"I appreciate how I can email her questions and she responds with helpful feedback very quickly." - DOC 3 Student


"She's very outgoing and seems interested in what she's talking about. That makes me interested as well. She's very helpful and cares about teaching and getting the students to do their best." - DOC 3 Student


"She is very helpful in terms of encouraging students to actively participate." - DOC 3 Student


"She is very hands-on, trying to help us be imaginative and creative." - DOC 3 Student


"The overall discussion of readings and important themes was very helpful. She helped me focus my thoughts and understand important aspects of the course." - DOC 3 Student


"I loved how enthusiastic she was about the course. She made an extra DOC website and a collaborative class blog for us to express ourselves." - DOC 3 Student


"The section meetings were very useful. Jakey's energy and interest in the subject matter really helped me stay focused and attentive in section." - DOC 3 Student


"She helped us grow as critical thinkers and writers." - DOC 3 Student


"She was very helpful in breaking the subject matter down (like the readings and the movies). She had a thorough understanding yet still taught it in a easy to understand manner." - DOC 3 Student





Sociology Department

UC San Diego


Selected Student Feedback - Spring Quarter 2009


"Section has interactive activities that bring the content of the class to real life and tie the readings into active discussions." - SOC126 Student


"We discuss and break down the assigned readings. I find the section notes posted on the pb wiki a HUGE help and useful component in studying. I love how we do engaging activities."  - SOC126 Student


"She goes above and beyond to create a fun, interactive learning environment." - SOC126 Student


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