Dimensions of Culture Program - UC San Diego

Dimensions of Culture Program  - UC San Diego


The Dimensions of Culture program (DOC) is an introductory three-quarter social science sequence that is required of all first year students at Thurgood Marshall College, UCSD. Successful completion of the DOC sequence satisfies the University of California writing requirement. The course is a study in the social construction of individual identity in America and it surveys a complex range of social differences and stratifications that shape the nature of human attachment to self, work, community, and a sense of nation. Central to the course objective is the question of how scholars move from knowledge to action.


Spring Quarter 2009

Dimensions of Culture: Imagination (6 units)

Professor: Chad Harris

Lecture: MWF 1:00 - 1:50 Peterson hall 110


C01: Tu/Th 9:00 AM - Sequoyah 143

C02: Tu/Th 10:00 AM - Sequoyah 143


Using the arts, this course examines the evolution of pluralistic culture to the modern period. There is a special emphasis on the interdisciplinary study of twentieth-century American culture, including music, literature, art, film, and photography. The course offers intensive instruction in writing university-level expository prose. Three hours of lecture, two hours of discussion and writing instruction. Open to Marshall College students only.


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