Credo Pentimento



*This piece was performed on October 10th, 2006 for the premiere of Sushi's 4x4 at the Bluefoot Bar/Lounge.


Credo Pentimento


Dismemberment: to divide into parts; cut to pieces; reduce; reorganize; discontinue.

Rememberment: MY WORD: Again; Anew. to RE-create; to RE-combine. To put back together in a better way, greater than the sum of its parts.

Credo: a summary statement of my beliefs.

Pentimento: an Italian word which means to repent. Old paint on canvas, as it ages, sometimes become transparent. When this happens it is possible, in some pictures, to see the original painting below the more current work. This is called 'pentimento' because the painter repented, changed his mind. Perhaps it would be as well to say that the old conception, replaced by a later choice, is a way of seeing and then seeing again. Pentimento: To see and then to see again.



Moment from my Life 1:

1: Buen Camino Seniora!

2: Buen Camino!

1: Wherea are you froma?

2: San Diego.

1: Ahh, si, San DiehgO, its in CaliforrniA no?

2: Yes, exactly, in the south close to Mexico. And you?

1: I am from ITaly. In a small town close to Venezia. You gO in ITaly?

2: Yes, I used to work in Rome. I am actually headed there right after my pilgrimage.

1: Ahh, Roma, una belissima citta. Parla Ialiano?

2: Not really.

1: Why, uh,  you maKe this pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella?

2: Well it's something I have wanted to do for a long time…….I read this book by Paulo Coelho called the Pilgrim……I am trying to decide if I am ready to get married.

1: Mamma Mia!! Do you love him?

2: Yes.

1: What’s the problem?

2: I don’t to explain it. I guess that’s part of the problem. Something............doesn’t...........feel.....right.

1:  Ahhh. I think for that you will have to walk past Santiago de Compostella.

2: Probably. Buen Camino.

1: Arrividerci, Buen Camino.


Moment from my Life 2:

Shug say you can just relax. Go with everything that’s goin. And praise God by liking what you like. Cause God loves admiration!


Moment from my Life 3:

La tua energia ecome un coltelo attraverso chocolata.

Your energy is like a knife through chocolate.

Deine energie schneidet vie ein Messer durch Schokolade.


Moment from my life 4:

I am job.

I am job.

Family. Eating. No eating.

I am job.


Moment from my life 5:

At some point Jasbir, you should stop wandering around and start going somewhere.


Moment from my life 6:

The vision is there just invisible. The word is there just silent.

You have to find it for yourself.

Art is the way you live Jakey. Your life is your art, every last bit of it.


Moment from my life 7:

There is an English word that comes from Italian. It is nostalgia. But do you know where it comes from? It is-two-Greek-words. Nostos means return and algos means pain. So nostalgia is pain (for the unsatisfied desire) to return, to go back home. It is a useful word especially for a tender and sensitive Globetrotter like you. It's the main feeling of Ulysses, you know, and we like Ulysses. I wanted to give you this little gift, this stupid word, before I say goodbye, because we are all pilgrims lost on earth, full of pain, looking for the right way to return home. When I think about me sitting besides you in your car in San Diego, I feel nostalgia, because I every time, had the impression you, not knowing it, were driving me in the right direction.

Ti penso sempre. Ciao.


Moment from my life 8:

Das Zug Teem begrust euch und wunscht euch eine angenehme reise.

Nachter Halt: Genf

Prochet Arret: Jeu-nev

Next stop: Geneva

Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Funf, Sechs, Sieben, Acht, Neun, Zehn.

Eis, Zwoi, Dru, Vier, Fuf, Sachs, Sibe, Acht, Nun, Zah.

Uno, Due, Tre, Quatro, Cinque, Sei, Sete, Otto, Nove, Deci.

Nachter halt: Bahnhof.

Prochet Arret: La gare.

Prossimma Fermata; Termini.

Nexta Stop. Termini. Roma. Main Station.


Isn't it all circular in the end? Don't we end up returning to what we so naively shunned in the beginning? Because sometimes you gotta GO a long way to come a short-way-correctly. Who here has been broken? Somewhere, sometime, somehow. Because we can not be whole until we have been broken. Until we have seen the parts. The pieces. And put them back together in a better way.

To RE-member.

To RE-create.

To RE-member Rememberment.

This is my Rememberment plan.

This is my Credo.

My Credo Pentimento.



Credo: a summary statement of my beliefs.

Pentimento: to see and then to see again.




© Jakey Toor